Engineering Capabilities

Product design We have a dedicated team of experienced engineers in mechanical, manufacturing, electronic and fabric engineering. Our multi-disciplinary engineering team will work closely with our customers to provide feedback on the designs and specifications of the customers based on our knowledge on raw materials and production process, in order to optimize between material cost, production cost and production time required to produce a specific products that is cost effective, affordable and meets our customers’ requirements. Prototyping and mould making If prototype of the new products is required, we will generate a physical prototype which will be subject to modifications in order to adhere to our customers’ request. Where mould making is involved in the production process, our engineering team will design the moulds according to our customers’ specifications and which will be efficient for subsequent mass production. We have an in-house mould shop equipped with computerised mould making equipment which is capable of making high quality moulds for complicated parts with tight tolerances.